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The redlight district in Frankfurt, Germany is one of the most famous brothel strips in the World. The houses of the Bahnhofsviertel opposite of the main railway station of Frankfurt still remain in operation after a long legal battle with the administration of the city who wanted to change the image of the city and give more space to banks and insurance companies.

Frankfurt Brothel Eros Center in Mosel Strasse

Frankfurt Brothel Eros Center in Mosel Strasse

You can still visit the walk in brothels on Elbe-, Taunus-, and Moselstrasse for a quick round on unemotional sex. Suprisingly, the hotels look as clean as 3 star hotels – a positive side effect of the failed attempts to outlaw prostitution – as pimps and brothel owners renovated all premises to remain in business and to guarantee safety of visitors and occupants during emergency situations. The choice of women is significantly smaller than during the hey days, but it is still acceptable for most punters that look for cheap sex as an alternative to their wifes and girlfriends who are unwilling to provide quick relief for their loved guys or for single guys who are just unable to find girls to spend time with them between the sheets.
The Frankfurt Redlight Brothel sexguide is a perfect guide for people who want to visit the brothels in Frankfurt. The site gives them information about the location of the brothels and provides them with important tit bids about what to expect, what to do and what not to do. the famous Janesguide labeled this site with a quality award.
The Frankfurt brothels normally operate like hotels. They rent out the rooms to ladies in one or two daily shifts. The girl then pays her room charges out of her earnings and whatever she has left over at the end of the day is her earning. Some girls make a fortune, other struggle to pay for the rent.
Customers are happy as prices remain low in a pricey city. A quick fuck and suck will cost them around 20 to 30 Euro, an hour about 100 Euro. A bargain compared to FKK Clubs and upscale night clubs who charge around 60 Euro just to let you in or overpriced drinks. It is safe and clean, which might be the reason why street prostitution in Frankfurt has almost vanished. There are streetwalkers nearby, but they are mostly drug addicts who are not admitted to work inside the brothels.

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12 thoughts on “Frankfurt Brothels

  • michael

    Many thanks for.all the information. If Frankfurt had a hey day for.prostitution and these laufhauser that was better than the current set-up, then it must of been wunderbar. I was in Frankfurt in May 2011 and It’s easily the best European rld I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. Fantastic. Sure there are down and outs, pimps, druggies and alcoholics hanging around and in numbers but they won’t bother you if you just ignore them. Maybe a way to move them on would be to have their hostels elsewhere in the city.
    Anyway, I love Frankfurt and It’s two red light districts are a.fantastic addition to a wonderful city. Any suggestion of removing any laufhauser would be a dart decision for such an international city full of businessmen.
    Don’t change Frankfurt. You’re currently the beat city I’ve seen in Europe. Thank you. Wonderful city and wonderful people.

  • michael

    It’s meant to say daft decision above. Typo. Removing any laufhauser would be a crazy idea for such a business city like Frankfurt. Don’t change Frankfurt. Frankfurt is currently the best city in Europe in my humble opinion.

  • Derk

    One of the better options for Germany is the FKK Sauna Club scene, there are several of these clubs located within Frankfurt, even a service that picks you up from the airport, train station and takes you to the clubs, see for details or google fkktour. The clubs differ in they have standards and you can see the women 100% nude in normal lighting conditions. The laufhauses differ that the women make their own rules and most don’t provide the higher level of service as found in the famous FKK clubs. The clubs charge from 50-756 Euros entry, provide food, drink, towels, robes and showers. They’re more geared for an all day experience where you can relax, watch over 50 naked women wander around, drink with them and chat, then 50 Euros for 30 minutes in a private room. Some of the clubs provide free beer. Its worth a visit, see the link about for club names and addresses

  • Jerry

    Thanks for the translation “walk-in brothels”. It’s pretty close to what Laufhaus means. Actually that litararily means “walk-about house”, as present in all German cities and many smaller towns, becaase prostitution is legal all over Germany, not just in Frankfurt/Main. In my stomping grounds it’s the “Eros” in Bonn, Immenburgstrasse and the 12-floor “Pasha” and “Das Bordell = the brothel)” in Cologne, Hornstrasse”. In the good old days these establishments were actually owned and operated by the municipalities themselves and strictly controlled by police and health departments. Now they are privatized and often under control of some questionable characters and groups, unfortunately. Last week there were numerous arrests and searches all over my state. The charges: blackmail, kidnapping, slavery, poisoning of clients with KO-DRUGS; ect, ect.

    The situation is a bit better in the so-called Sauna-/FKK-Clubs, which are a bit more upmarket. Cheapest are flat rate clubs (“Pauschalclubs”)

    Nevertheless German brothels are the best value for money WORLDWIDE, clean and still relatively safe because LEGAL. Contact me for advice: alkan (???t)

  • cameron

    does anyone know if theres any wheelchair access in any of these, not for a “cripple” for a normal guy in a manual chair, that cant walk…?

  • michael

    On the subject of wheelchair access I would say there are a few rlds that would be accessible for yourself. In the Netherlands you mainly have window prostitution at ground level. Examples are Amsterdam , Den Haag , Alkmaar, Groningen , Haarlem , Utrecht . Another is Leeuwarden but this has many staircases but there is some ground floor options. Belgium has window prostitution also. Have visited Brussels and Antwerp. Antwerp is excellent and all on the ground level. It’s basically a square with lots of window prostitution. One of the best I’ve seen. Then you have Germany – here you have lauf hausers (which I think means love houses) but u also have window prostitution at a street level. Cities that have this include Oberhausen, Braunschweig, Essen, and Bochum. Happy hunting.

  • Rebbeka

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