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Dubai Population: 1,422,000

It is unthinkable to many that prostitution can exist in a place like Dubai where Islam is the predominant religion and where laws are very strict. The truth is, prostitution in Dubai has existed for some time now and is rapidly growing as the city is visited by more and more tourists every year.

Yes, welcome to reality. It does happen in Dubai and it happens a lot. The sad thing is that prostitution is illegal on paper. But practically speaking, it is commonly engaged in all over Dubai. There are so many places that are just flooded with prostitutes that are so obvious and yet ignored by the law officials.

Anyone can identify a prostitute in Dubai from miles away. In fact there are so many designated areas where you can find them anytime you go. Ant the most ironic thing is that the government blocks certain TV channels and Internet sites because of “offensive” material but yet you can just go out of your apartment and find 10 prostitutes right down the road from you.

You will find prostitute centers right next to Mosques. How unbelievable is that? For you it may be but for the local Dubai resident it is part of daily life. It has become a norm in Dubai and it is quite acceptable.

Prostitution: Illegal

Brothel Ownership: Illegal

Pimping: Illegal